Doctor Who Official Tumblr had been consistently ignoring my asks for over a year now. I’m starting to think it’s personal.


My cover for The Beatles - Blackbird, hope you’ll like it! :)

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30x30 (Cm) Original aluminum plates designed by Zoti Desings.


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Things never happen the same way twice, dear one.

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— Karen's original ice bucket challenge - Wizard World Chicago, 24 August 2014

- Matt: Hey, did anyone see Karen's ice bucket challenge last night?
- Karen: No, it's not online!
- Matt: Is it not online?
- Karen: I haven't--guys, I don't know how to get it online!
- Matt: You're making excuses!
- Moderator: Because Matt, you challenged her...
- Karen: We did it last night! We filmed it!
- Matt: We did it last night, it's on--oh no, I haven't got it.
- Karen: It's on my phone, but I don't know how to put it online!
- Matt: Do you think we can fit it on twitter or is it too big?
- Karen: It's too big for twitter. It's pretty extreme.
- Matt: It's FUNNY.
- Moderator: Do you want to give us a play-by-play, or should we save it?
- Karen: I think you've just got to sit and watch it, there's no explaining this thing. There's ice, and a bucket, and MATT. There's a doll that someone gave Matt yesterday at this convention that I'm holding.
- Matt: Yeah, yeah, it made it through, yeah! I'm going to text someone and see if they can send it through.
- Karen: What, how are you going to show it to everyone?
- Matt: I'm just going to hold it up to the microphone and stuff. And they'll be the first people to see it as well, so it'll be cool. Oh, no, I haven't got wifi. DAMN YOU, INTERNET.
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karen and matt

karen and matt

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"I need something to put my back up against."

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